• Little Chute,

    Custom Clocks for Towers & Walls

    We design, build and install large custom clocks for towers and walls ranging from 3’ to 50’ in diameter!

  • Marietta,

    Canister Clocks

    Get backlit LED and GPS-controlled custom canister clocks (drum clocks) to highlight any location, even where traditional wall clocks can’t be installed!

  • New Glarus,

    Church Bell & Cast Bell Ringing

    Automate your existing cast bell or add the sound of real cast bells to any tower anywhere!

  • Carmel,

    Bracket Clocks

    Three and four sided bracket clocks make your building a landmark!

  • Washington DC,

    Floral & Botanical Garden Clocks

    Create a unique centerpiece with our botanical garden clocks with hands that can even be planted or lit!

  • Walla Walla,

    Designers of Time

    We’re experts in restoring, retrofitting, and repairing historic clocks as well as monumental clock mechanisms!

Custom Tower Clock & Bell Manufacturing

Specializing in the design and manufacturing of large custom made tower clocks, Americlock provides complete fabrication and installation services around the globe.

We manufacture time pieces for over-sized projects (including jumbo clock towers and very large church clocks) with completely original bespoke custom clocks for sale as well as predesigned traditional or modern dial designs, hands, and markers.

Wall and Tower Clocks

Wall & Tower Clocks Click for wall clock information

Fast production turnarounds backed by fully insured installation, maintenance, and repair options available around the world.

Digital Bell Systems

Digital Bell Systems Click for bell chiming and church bell systems

Two digital bell systems to choose from, offering the perfectly replicated sound of 32 and 64 bell-chiming and tune libraries.

Design Your Own Dial

Design Your Own Dial Click to design your own clock dial online

It’s easy to design your dial face right now! Select from traditional and modern hand/marker styles on different backgrounds.

A tradition of excellence in time

Steeple clocks and church clocks are historic American treasures inherent to the New England landscape along with the many other areas around the United States.  We’re experts when it come to church clock repair and renovation.

As the premier tower clock manufacturer, Americlock’s background in clock restoration and our experience with repairing historical clocks give you the best of the past, present and future. We can even refurbish bells or automate bell ringing for both cast bells and entire carillons alike. Our large tower clocks for sale can be seen in both indoor and outdoor applications (exterior wall clocks can be built and installed for interior use in retail shopping outlets, malls, food courts, universities, and corporate campuses where dials serve both functional and aesthetic purposes) and we even offer custom solar-powered clocks in addition to our cellular phone tower clocks (offering resistance to disruptive frequencies).

Americlock’s company specialties also include custom botanical clocks (great for floral gardens or roundabouts where even the hands can contain planters), canister clocks, and cupola clocks. These custom pieces create centerpieces for large public areas and beyond providing an innovative way to present time, they become focal points of projects that form lasting impressions.

Historic Minneapolis Clock Chimes Again

Americlock provided much-needed restoration and repair to the four-faced chiming clock sitting atop the Historic Minneapolis City Hall and Hennepin County Courthouse building. The historic building, also known as simply the Municipal Building, was designed...

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