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Exterior bracket clocks suspended from a building corner
This three-sided exterior bracket clocks projecting from the corner of a building

Americlock builds custom bracket clocks, also known as projecting clocks, for installation on the front or on corners of buildings.  These time pieces typically have one to four dials within the body of the clock and can be internally illuminated, displaying a business name or logo on the clock dial.  Our interior and exterior custom bracket clocks are ideal for creating an attractive focal point for your business or building. They are great way to catch the attention of the public and can help attract customers to your establishment. A variation of custom bracket clocks is known as “suspended clocks,” meaning that they can be hung with one central rod or a cable in a large lobby (typically in hotels, schools, universities, businesses, airports, or train stations).

Bracket Clock Options

These traditional clocks come in many sizes and colors to fit your need.  Their design permits internal lighting of the dials so that the clock is legible at night, further enhancing their purpose. The right choice of dial colors and illumination colors can vary depending on the location and purpose of the clock. We offer a wide variety of dials, designs and clock hands, are available for these styles of clock and we also can use your custom design to build you the right bracket clock.

Exterior & Interior Custom Bracket Clocks

Specially built for each application, your  bracket clock can be installed on a corner of a building but we can even build you pedestal mounted or wall-mounted approaches to compliment existing architectural facades.  Whether you’re looking for a traditional or a more modern approach to a bracket clock, Americlock can provide you with both antique and modern treatments on the protruding clock structure as well as for the dial faces and hands. Our technicians can install custom bracket clocks for you or you can mount the clock where you have ample structural support (as they do rely on a strong surface since often there are fewer anchor points when compared to wall clocks, especially since they “hang” off of buildings).

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