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Floral & Botanical Garden Clocks

Landscape clock or flower clocks are built using flowers and/or decorative gravel as the clock dial.  These elegant clocks will become the focus of attention to your business, office park, or garden.

Let Americlock design the centerpiece of your garden, town center, residence, or park.  We design and install exterior landscape clocks ranging from 6’ to 40’ in diameter.  Whether you prefer an outdoor garden clock that is traditional or a clock with a modern design, we can help you design the right floral clock.

  We can fabricate clock hands that allow planting of flowers within the clock hands.  Furthermore, we fabricate hands of any size or shape to reflect your design.  Internal Illuminate of the clock hands for nighttime viewing is  available in an array of colors.

Because outdoor floral clocks are usual located at ground level it is necessary to provide a safety feature to protect your investment.  Our floral clock movements have a unique safety mechanism that will protect the movement gears from extreme force or vandalism.  In the event that a hand is turned by force, the internal clutch mechanism will protect the gears from breakage or other damage.

Our floral clocks dials can be designed with a zero maintenance landscape or they can be built to receive new plants in accordance with the seasons.

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