Bells & Bell Systems


Digital Bell System by Americlock

Tradition is calming... and nothing is more traditional or calming than the musical tone of bells ringing at regular intervals. Our Digital Bell System is a true-to-life rendering of the sound of cast bells.

Our digital bell system is a true-to-life rendering of the sound of bells. This system creates the Doppler effect, similar to the sound of swinging bells, and represents a significant advance in the sound of digital bells.

Public buildings, Churches, Universities, Shopping centers, Office complexes, Clock towers and anywhere that the added dimension of the sound of bells would add to the ambience of your setting.

  • Produces the realistic sound of bells where cost or space limitations do not permit Cast Bells
  • Sound derived from individual recordings of cast bells digitized onto microchips, and reproduced via an amplifier through exterior quality load speakers.
  • Used with a control system that can provide hour striking, quarter chiming, tune playing, angelus and service tolling automatically at preprogrammed times.
  • Stop/start order of swinging bells can be programmed on site.
  • Tunes can be changed on site from the extensive list of available tunes.
  • Can contain the sounds of up to 64 bells with the option of a recording/playback feature.
Bell sound unit: Contains the sound source for each bell stored on microchips, and a high fidelity amplifier with 120 - 350 watts. The unit is also fitted with volume control. Choice of up to 64 bell notes plus a selection of 10 swinging bells with adjustable ring speed.