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Large Custom Clocks Beautify Spaces

Large Custom Clocks Beautify Spaces

Large Custom Clocks Beautify Spaces

Large clocks have been the focal point for public and private spaces for centuries. Think of the European town square with its clock tower or the old train station with multiple clocks for multiple time zones. Americlock is proud to continue the tradition with custom clocks built to your specification.

Large Custom Clocks

At Americlock, we love to give you options. We can build large clocks ranging from 3 feet to 50 feet in diameter in a variety of styles, including the following:

  • Wall clocks and tower clocks     
  • Canister clocks
  • Skeleton dial clocks
  • Bracket clocks
  • Monumental clocks
  • Floral and botanical garden clocks
  • Marker and silhouette clocks
  • Cupola clocks

If you don’t see the type of clock you want listed here, talk to us. We can do amazing things in unconventional settings.

In addition to the style of the clock, you can choose the dials, hands, and numerals you desire. You also have material options including stainless steel, reinforced aluminum, and wood.

Installation and Service

As large custom clocks can be a bit tricky, we offer installation services using fully-insured installers. We can also provide installation advice and consultation to your contractors. If your large clock needs service, we have the pros on hand to perform any repairs your clock may need. We can schedule regular maintenance to ensure your clock is always running in top condition.

We can even restore large clocks. If you have a historic clock in bad repair, or you’d like us to restore and refurbish one of our earlier installations, let us know. We take care of our custom clocks in perpetuity and stand behind their workmanship.

Whether you’d like a large clock for a shopping mall, university, church, or town hall, Americlock can design the right clock for you. Talk to us today about your plans.

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